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Get to know the people in our project regions.

Some encounters just leave a deep impact and stay with you for a long time. That’s exactly what happens every time we get to know the people living in our project regions. The stories they tell are as diverse as the people telling them. Some are hopeful, some are inspiring, some are touching, and some are just painful. Oftentimes the life stories we hear stick with us, and when we get the chance to revisit the person, we are curious whether their life has changed.

Some of these people – and their personal stories – are listed below for you to read.
Wasserbohrgerät im Einsatz in Äthiopien
Clean drinking water for Boni

Let the water flow!

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The dream of a new school

A class of their own

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Abune Ginde Beret
Kind führt fast blinde Oma durch einen Fluss an der Hand
Finally Seeing Again:

Workitus Road towards the Light

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Ginde Beret
Ein Mann lächelt in die Kamera
Banishing the evil spirits

Pioneering work in the Balla valley

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Derra (abgeschlossen)
Ein Mann webt Fäden.
How a weaving course is changing lives

The Threats Firmly in their Hands

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Abune Ginde Beret
Familien in Äthiopien in ihrer Hütte
A better life for my children

Where hope grows

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Ein Mann hält einen Setzling.
Nagaya Magazine 3/2020

Raised with love

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Ginde Beret