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Splash away!

With just 10 euros, you could provide one person with access to clean, health drinking water.


Hope from the garden

With 17 euros, you could provide a family with a starter pack for growing vegetables as well as appropriate training.


Vitamins that work

With 20 euros, you could provide 10 fruit tree saplings to supply a family with important vitamins.


Woman power with a future

With 25 euros, you could send one woman for training on the microcredit program, so that she can get started as businesswoman.


So that the honey flows

With 45 euros, you could provide a young beekeeper with the necessary tools to make delicious honey.


A path out of poverty

With 50 euros, you could send a child to school from 1st to 8th grade and enable a good start to a self-determined future.


Health for everyone

With 65 euros, you could equip a health station with medical consumables for a whole month, and thus help save lives.


Wonderful roots

With 75 euros, numerous saplings could be planted. Good for the environment, good for the people.


Lasting change

With 80 euros, you could send a water committee of 7 people on a training course for maintaining and looking after a well.


Help for the helpers

Medical personnel save lives! With 90 euros, you could send medical assistants on a 5-day advanced training course.


Forest of the future

With 100 euros, you could enable the afforestation of 1,000 m² of land and help bring back the forest.


Fruit trees change lives

With 120 euros, you could provide 60 fruit trees, which supply many families with important vitamins.


A good start to life

The littlest ones need special protection! With 150 euros, you could enable 30 babies to be inoculated against dangerous illnesses.


A home for the bees

With 190 euros, you could provide 2 modern beehives and help the families to increase their honey yield. 


Development is a matter for women

With 220 euros, you could provide a woman with a microcredit and training, and thus the basis for her own income.

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