We are Menschen für Menschen


Menschen für Menschen is made up of independent national organisations with the legal status of foundations or associations. The Menschen für Menschen association in Austria was founded by Karlheinz Böhm in 1983, and has been collecting donations for its development projects in Ethiopia ever since.


Managing Board and the team

The managing board represents the association externally. They shall be responsible for the management of the association. They are bound to the association’s statute and general assembly decisions. The managing board and the staff team of Menschen für Menschen Austria are responsible for the implementation of the decisions. The Managing Board is obliged to ensure the association’s funds are only used for statutory purposes.
Gerhard Zwettler Chairman of Menschen für Menschen Austria

Gerhard Zwettler, MA


+43 (0)1/58 66 950-14
Alexandra Bigl Menschen für Menschen

Mag. Alexandra Bigl

Head of Public Relations

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-12

Martina Hollauf, Bakk. phil.

Public Relations, Press and Events

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-16

Dkfr. Daniela Lieberwirth

Accounting and Finance

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-24

Benjamin Franz

IT & Database

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-23
Markus Schwarz-Herda Menschen für Menschen

Mag. Markus Schwarz-Herda

Foundations and Cooperations

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-18

Lydia Mitterlehner

Donor Liaison

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-10

Dania Khattab

Donor Liaison

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-10

Anke Stolzenberg

Coordination Donor Liaison

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-10
Thomas Fidler Menschen für Menschen

Thomas Fidler, BA

Donor Liaison

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-10

Bettina Kliesspiess, MSc

Donor Liaison

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-10
Valerie Flor from Menschen für Menschen

Valerie Flor, BA

Donor Liaison

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-10

Christof Klinkan

Finance and Administration

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-29

Katharina Schuh-Tesch

Public Relations

+43 (0)1/58 66 950-26
Our team is supported by numerous volunteers.

Supervisory Board

The board is made up of members acting on a voluntary basis. They are supervising the activities of the managing board and ensure activities of the managing board are corresponding to statute and general assembly decisions. The supervisory board elects the managing board for a term of three years.
Michael Kerbler Aufsichtsratsmitglied Menschen für Menschen

Michael Kerbler

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Romy Seild Stellvertretende Aufsichtsratsvorsitzende Menschen für Menschen

Mag. Romy Seidl

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Markus Beuchert stellvertretender Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender Menschen für Menschen

Mag. Markus Beuchert

Supervisory Board member
Renate Horak Aufsichtsrätin Menschen für Menschen

Renate Horak

Supervisory Board member
Bernd Lötsch Aufsichtsrat Menschen für Menschen

Univ. Prof. Dr. Bernd Lötsch

Supervisory Board member

General Assembly

The annual general assembly is the highest decision-making body. Members of the association, who work on a strictly voluntary basis, decide on all matters not transferred to the board. The general assembly elects the association’s supervisory board for a term of three years.

Supporting Roles

In the public sphere we rely on the strong-voiced and active support of our ambassadors and trustees, like our Ambassador Haile Gebrselassie, our Partner Sara Nuru, our Ambassadress Tirunesh Dibaba and our Trustee Peter Krasser.


The project coordination office and logistics centre in Addis Ababa

From here all project areas of Menschen für Menschen are managed and controlled. This is the workstation of 60 employees as well as the logistic reloading point for all materials needed in the project regions. The office and logistics centre is vital to our work in Ethiopia. The employees are in constant contact with the organisations in Austria and Germany. For this reason the office in Addis Ababa is the link between donations in Europe and the approved purpose of these funds at the individual families in our project areas.

Yilma Taye

Country Representative

Mulugeta Kifle

Director Administration & Finance

Bahritu Seyoum

Director of Project Operations

Berhanu Negussie

Country Representative from 2002 to 2021

Management of the Austrian projects Abune Ginde Beret, Ginde Beret, Jeldu and Chobi

Our employees make genuine development at eye level possible – no anonymous handouts. They meet each of the people they help personally. In the Austrian project areas Abune Ginde Beret, Ginde Beret and Jeldu work a total of 41 employees of Menschen für Menschen. Our development agents work and live in the villages of the region. As a consequence, they know exactly what challenges the population faces, and provide advice and assistance during the implementation phase.

Berhanu Bedassa

Project Manager Abune Ginde Beret and Ginde Beret

Gebeyehu Seyoum

Project Manager Jeldu

Tadesse Muleta

Project Administrator

Abayneh Aleme

Head of Sustainable Land Management

Girma Woldemichael

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

And our 599 employees in Ethiopia, who support us tediously.

In Ethiopia Menschen für Menschen employs a total of 599 people, 0 of whom do not come from Ethiopia. On the one hand, it is, and always has been, our goal to support the people of Ethiopia and provide skills that help them further development. On the other hand, a European – no matter how well informed – will never understand the Ethiopian people the way an Ethiopian does. Our focus is direct work with the people, which is why it is important that mutual trust and understanding prevail. The majority of our Ethiopian colleagues work in the project regions, and implement our measures directly with the population.

Jobs at Menschen für Menschen – Meaningful Employment

For our small Viennese team we are always looking for qualified and motivated employees that can identify with the humanitarian goals of Menschen für Menschen, and want to get involved in helping one of the poorest nations on earth.