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Help People to Help Themselves

Throughout Entire Regions

Menschen für Menschen aims to free regions that suffer from poverty from the dependency on foreign aid. We rely on the long-term principle of "helping people to help themselves". Encounters at eye level, attentive listening and the collective implementation of diverse helpful measures form the basis of our work.
By these means the lives of over 6 million people have already been considerably improved.

Our Actions

Five Elements of Development


Clean Water Changes Everything


Access to clean drinking water changes people's lives sustainably. Clean water positively impacts health, education, nutrition, and the advancement of women. In rural Ethiopia, one in three people does not have access to clean drinking water. The construction of wells and spring catchments is therefore an integral part of our work and the basis for further improvements.
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Securing Food, Protecting The Environment


The majority of the population in rural Ethiopia lives from the harvest of their often far too small farms. Due to outdated farming methods, soil erosion and lack of access to seeds, many families can no longer live off their crop. We try to improve the situation by providing training, seeds and seedlings for fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, we take various measures to protect natural resources. Thus, the families benefit from better harvests and an improved nutritional situation.
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Precaution And Care


Basic health care is lacking in rural Ethiopia. Simple health stations replace the doctor. However, these are usually barely equipped with the most basic necessities. There is a lack of clean buildings, basic medical equipment and medicines. We take comprehensive measures to improve health care in the long term, even in the most remote villages and thus save human lives.
How we help
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For A Good Livelihood


Finding a livelihood with traditional agriculture is becoming increasingly difficult in rural Ethiopia. The available land is becoming increasingly scarce, and women in particular have little opportunity to earn an income of their own. This is why we are implementing measures such as microcredit programmes, handicraft courses and the promotion of cooperative measures to help women find ways out of poverty and to earn a living.
How we help
Frau mit Kind in eigenem Geschäft in Äthiopien


The Key to Development


A solid primary education is the foundation for a better future. This is why education is important for a life without poverty and for the development of a country. In Ethiopia, skilled workers are particularly in demand. This is why we build schools in remote regions and provide education to children and young people.
How we help
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Integrated Development

Implementation of an overall concept

Integrated Development

Together with the population, Menschen für Menschen implements measures in the areas of sustainable land management, water, education, health and human development in an overall concept. All areas of life are interlinked and through the various coordinated measures, regions can develop sustainably. This makes entire regions independent of foreign aid in the long term.
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Water and Education

Girls and women spend many many hours a day collecting water from distant springs. Through wells near the village they gain valuable time to go to school or to participate in educational courses.
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Human Development and Education

Women who are able to earn their own income through a microcredit usually invest in the education of their children. This gives them a good basis for their future and can contribute to the positive development of their region or country.
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People and Stories


Together as Menschen für Menschen

In the project regions of Menschen für Menschen we implement a variety of measures together with the community. We know the individual living conditions, challenges, setbacks and successes of each person. Some of them tell their personal stories on behalf of others and show what the work of Menschen für Menschen can achieve for people.


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Success in Figures


Since the foundation of Menschen für Menschen in 1981, 
28 regions have been developed so far. Through numerous measures, people's lives have been changed for the better and much has been achieved. The figures given here provide an exemplary insight into the measures implemented.
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To give children in remote regions a chance for a better future, we renovate, expand and build schools. From primary to secondary schools.
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More than 31,053 women have participated in microcredit training. They were able to improve the lives of their families thanks to a microcredit for the implementation of their business idea.
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296.11 M

Distributed tree seedlings

Deforestation and erosion are major challenges. Therefore, we are reforesting large areas together with the population. With the forests, springs and animals return and the microclimate improves.
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Wells and spring catchments

Polluted water causes numerous life-threatening diseases. In rural Ethiopia only every second person has access to clean drinking water. Clean drinking water changes lives sustainably.
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1.0 M

Family planning for women

More than 1.0 M women were given access to contraception. This enables the women to make self-determined decisions about the number of their children and their future.

Topics & Regions

What we do and where we operate

We develop entire regions in rural Ethiopia. In doing so, we implement a package of measures together with the population. Currently, the association Menschen für Menschen Austria is financing the work in four project regions and implementing it in cooperation with Ethiopian colleagues. Another region has already been completed and handed over to the population.
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About us

We are Menschen für Menschen

To support people in entire regions to find their own way out of poverty, people in Europe and Ethiopia need to ensure that the appropriate resources and aids are available and reach the people on the ground. Many of our colleagues have been working for the organization for decades and are still working with all their hearts for a better world - as people for people.