Team von Menschen für Menschen in Äthiopien

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

At a time when injustice and conflict lead to increasing uncertainty, we are convinced that each and every one of us can change the world for the better. We envision a world in which poverty has been defeated and all people have fair opportunities for development.

Our Mission

Menschen für Menschen gives everyone who wants to change the world for the better the opportunity to stand up for Ethiopian women, men and children, so that they can shape their lives independently and individually. In our project regions, we have demonstrated that working with local Ethiopians leads to permanently better living conditions. We don't give up, until the population no longer needs us.
Team von Menschen für Menschen in Äthiopien

Our Team

We are Menschen für Menschen

In order to support people in Ethiopia to escape poverty by themselves, people in Europe and Ethiopia need to ensure that the appropriate resources and means are available and reach the local people. Many of our colleagues have been working with us for decades and are still wholeheartedly committed to creating a better world - as people for people.


Your Donation Arrives!

As a donor, you probably want to know exactly where your donation ends up and what is achieved by it. We see it as our responsibility to have our work regularly checked by experts and issue reports that are as transparent as possible.
Karlheinz Böhm mit Hand auf Schulter von Mann in Äthiopien

Karlheinz Böhm

Founder of Menschen für Menschen

The Austrian Karlheinz Böhm, who became famous by playing the role of Emperor Franz Josef in the Sissi films, laid the foundation for the work by Menschen für Menschen in the early 1980s. "Anger is the main motive for my work - anger concerning the injustice between rich and poor," Karlheinz Böhm explained when asked about the motivation driving his work. His anger turned into aid for over 5 million people.

Principle Of integrated Sustainable Development

Our Approach

Together with the population, Menschen für Menschen implements measures in the areas of agriculture, water, education, health and human development (and income) in an overall concept. All areas of life are interconnected, and the various coordinated measures enable regions to develop sustainably. As a result, entire regions become independent of outside aid in the long term.